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What do we need in our home for better health?

Feeling sick and weak all the time is never good. Making certain changes in our home can really change the feeling you have in your home. Example: Most people do not like being in the presence of skunk spray. They might get sick or want to run away. This is what happens when the air, water or food is unhealthy. We lose hope and can not find our way out of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

People changed to avoid and eliminate suffering. They committed their time to changing their ways and eventually showed signs of better health. Their statement before their change was "If I can't eat what I want and be happy, this life is not worth living!" That thinking is what sickened them. They never had hope for a better life. They never felt it was possible to be healthy and live long.

Well, it is possible. We see it all the time.

We have:

Vegetable & Fruit Juicers & Blenders, Alkaline Water Machines, Water and Bag Vacuum Cleaners, Whole Body Herbal Digestive Supplements, Water Distillers of all sizes for purchase and lease, Dehydrators and "some supplements."

We can get most of the health equipment on the market so it never hurts to ask.

We have health classes. Individual consultations are available. Call 352.529.0527.