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Start making some changes to enjoy a healthy life.

In 1970, my Dad died in front of me at the age of 41. It was a massive Heart Attack from complications of Rheumatic Heart at age 9. My Grandpa died at 67 from complications with Diabetes. My Greek Yaya died at 65 from cancer. She loved her garden and family.

In 1972, I had my first taste of carrot juice from a juicer in the home of a Health food store owner. It was delicious! Now, my wife Cindy and I juice vegetables and fruit on a regular schedule. We have lots of energy and work on fitness daily. We use different juicers: Centrifugal - a very high speed spinning blade machine, Champion - a Masticating machine, Samson - a Twin-Gear machine.

In addition to juices that we make, we also make a variety of smoothies. There are basically 2 brands we use, Blendtec and Vitamix. Both are excellent and perform the same basic functions, blend or pulverize food. Blending food is very important to do sometimes. It allows you to get more nutrition in to your body. Blending also encourages you to mix in foods that your palate knows nothing about, such as, kale, collards, mustard greens, chard, parsley, cilantro, basil and so much more in the greens category.

We drink and cook with Distilled Water made by our Pure Water Brand Home Water Distiller. It was in 2000 that we made the change from purified or filtered water to removing practically "all" the chemicals and by-products from the water we consume on a daily basis. We use a water softener to clean up the well water and save our plumbing and appliances from falling apart too soon. We then fill our boiling tank with the softened water and distill it to make pure H2O. This is the way nature intended it.

Exercise: We have Rebounders or mini-trampolines set up in our home to enjoy. They help to circulate the Lymph and Blood in our bodies. We get to oxygenate our cells and brain when we jump for about 15 minutes twice a day. We swim at Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon, Hunter Springs in Crystal River and some of the other Florida State Parks since we purchase a Family Pass every year. That allows up to 8 people to go through the gate. I use a little free weight. We walk or hike occasionally.

Breathing is probably "the most important function of our body." We can go without food, drink and exercise for a period of time. But, without breathing of air, we are dead! The air in our homes is proven to be toxic and sometimes life threatening with black mold and other toxic chemicals that are off-gassed from furnishings, paint, ledge rock and many other sources. We use an air treatment system as well as a high quality filter on the return of our air conditioning and heating system. We also use extremely efficient Vacuum Cleaners and Carpet Cleaning equipment to maintain our floors. We chose carpet because I like to lay on the floor and play with our 19 year old dog named Muffin. Dr. Wade Bullock has kept her going along with a healthy diet of good food and plenty of raw carrots daily!

The bottom line to this message is "We try to practice what we believe." There is room for breaking rules sometimes. Our lives are bettered but never perfected in the true sense of the word "perfect" so we don't even try. The message taught that we will be punished for not making the mark is dead. It never was alive. All we can do is practice our lives in a sane manner. Have fun! Don't stress! Love someone! Love God! Travel! Live simply! Eliminate unnecessary debt. Drink! Be merry! Love your children! Meditate and pray! Sing! Whistle! Love your healthy body and it will love you back! Live a long life!

Thank You. Consider doing business with us. Art Konstantino 352.529.0527